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poison femme's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
poison femme

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[march 27th at 12:49p]

Could you delete funkyfairy and add me? Thank you! Journal changes ;)
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[march 17th at 9:50p]

no one loves this journal. but how could i expect anyone to.
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hmmm.. [march 17th at 8:27p]

::posts because no one else is::

i'm watching the mists of avalon right now. es ist sehr gut. recording it too since the movie never comes on hardly anymore & it's long!

::eats the rest of her sun chips & goes::
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I HATE MYSELF FOR WHAT I'VE BECOME [march 15th at 7:05p]

[ mood | curious ]

I needta get layed.

My computer blew up.

Life sucks.


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I'm backies [march 13th at 11:11p]

[ mood | hyper ]

I am back. BACK! BACK!

Paris and Rome was great. I had lots of funnnnn!

I saw this REALLY hawt boy in Rome...but he was a priest! :-X

Hehehe. Heyas.

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[march 13th at 1:05p]
I'm so excited. I registered my new domain last night. Since I have to send a money order, it will take a few days to activate and then I need to get hosting together, but I am hoping to have it up soon. I'm already working on a layout. I can't wait. Just wanted to let loose some of this excitement.
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[march 10th at 11:37a]

holy burning hand of wrath
piercing forever through the heart
and this flaming orbit of shame
ravages and splits the path

grinding binding taking away
needles above the prey
wreath of barbs

mmm. that song just ROCKS. it's by :wumpscut:. then again, industrial music just kicks some arse in general. but, krissa, i'm glad you moved this to livejournal. yes. much easier.
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[march 10th at 12:40p]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

::bounce:: lovely!

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[march 10th at 9:56a]

finally i got this thing to work. what a fucking headache. oh well, it's here now. livejournal is better for everyone, right. i know none of you seem to like blogger.
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